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Interior Cleaning

For you, your boat is a dream come true. More than that, your boat is adventure personified. It facilitates limitless exploration and journeys to some of the most peaceful, beautiful and remote areas of Lake Macquarie, the pristine waters surrounding Australia and beyond.

After all of the journeys you and your boat have embarked on, and the destinations you have discovered, however, your boat will start to look a little worse for wear. All of the hours spent together out on the water has subjected your boat’s interior to contaminates from the water and dirt particles from the air and the harsh marine environment. Overtime, this will diminish your boat’s appearance, and will shorten the lifespan of the interior you have selected for your boat.

To keep your boat in tip-top-shape and looking its best, having it detailed when necessary, is important. Detailing your vessel is more than just washing, polishing and buffing the hull, however. It’s important to pay careful attention to detailing your boat’s interior as well.

TR Marine Services provides our clients with interior boat detailing befitting of the prestigious vessel which has been by your side for all of your aquatic endeavours. When you entrust your boat to us, we do so much more than dust, polish and vacuum the interior. We treat your vessel to some TLC in the form of steam cleaning to protect the life of your boat’s fabrics and upholstery. We provide ozone treatments to eliminate any nasty odours buried deep in the fabrics of your boat’s interior. We also offer linen services to freshen up bedding and blankets.

All of the boat detailing services that we provide are delivered with a 100% focus on quality and on prolonging the life of your boat.

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