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Tips And Tricks For Boat Owners

Owning a boat is a beautiful thing, because your boat is the key to unlocking so much pleasure on the water. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie seeking the thrill of speed over water and the rush of being towed, a sailor who loves the wind in your hair and the breeze in your sails, a cruiser who is all about relaxing at anchor with a drink in hand and a sunset off the stern, or anything else in between, everyone can agree that life is better with a boat.  The key to getting the most possible enjoyment from your boat is keeping it clean, tidy and in perfect running order, and the key to that is preventative maintenance and regular cleaning.

Boats live in a very harsh environment of sun, sea and salt, and as such require a much higher level of care and maintenance than land vehicles such as cars. If you are new to boating it pays to do your research into how and when you should be maintaining your boat. A little time spent preventing problems before they happen will save you huge amounts of money over the long term.

Whether you boat is powered by a small two-stroke outboard or large turbo diesels, keeping up with your engines regular factory maintenance schedule is essential to keeping everything running smoothly, but it doesn’t end there. Outboard motors need to be flushed with fresh water after each use to prevent internal corrosion, and inboard motors need to have their oil and filters checked regularly to avoid problems down the line.

The exterior of your boat requires special attention as well. Fibreglass, timber and stainless steel all require regular washing to keep the corrosive action of salt at bay. Fibreglass also needs regular waxing and polishing to keep it from deteriorating. Once the finish reaches a certain point of degradation it becomes much more difficult, and expensive, to restore.  

By keeping on top of routine preventative maintenance your boat will provide you with years of pleasure. For assistance with any of your required maintenance please contact us, we can take the hassle out of you boat maintenance and keep her ready to go for all your adventures.  

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