The 4 Coolest Places in Australia to Take Your Boat

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All of your boat dreams have come true. You've finally bought the motor cruiser or sailboat you've always wanted. Now what? 

Now, it's time to take your boat out on the water to explore the beautiful scenery and astounding destinations that Australia has to offer. Of course, we highly recommend you bring your boat to Lake Macquarie to explore Australia's largest saltwater lake, but for the purposes of this blog, we're going to leave our beautiful lake off the list.

Australia's Best Places To Visit With Your Boat

The Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia

The Abrolhos Islands are an island system made up of 122 islands off the coast of Western Australia. The area is surrounded by coral reefs and rich aquatic life making this area perfect for scuba diving. 

The Abrolhos Islands are particularly beautiful because they are virtually untouched by humanity and modernity. When you visit The Abrolhos, be sure to bring your own stores of food and water. The islands are so remote and untouched that there are no stores or tourist accomodations on the islands where you'll be able to purchase supplies.

Port Lincoln In South Australia

Port Lincoln is one of the most popular recreational fishing destinations in all of Australia. If you're looking for a great destination for a fishing trip, we'd obvious recommend visiting Lake Macquarie. If we weren't terribly biased however, we'd suggest taking your boat to Port Lincoln in South Australia.

For Port Lincoln, it's easy to take your boat into the lower Spencer Gulf. The Spencer Gulf is the ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts and adventure seekers. In the Gulf, you can expect to reel in snapper, whiting, salmon, garfish, kingfish, tune and more.

The Whitsundays Islands in Queensland

The Whitsundays are arguably one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Australia. The islands are known for their stunning and pristine turquoise waters and their white sandy beaches. Visiting the Whitsundays is like taking a trip to the Caribbean without leaving Australia. 

The Whitsundays are an island system made up of more than 150 islands and islets. While the area is an extremely popular tourist destination, if you've got a boat, there are more remote areas that you can enjoy, where you'll also avoid the crowds. Hamilton Island, Daydream Island and Airlie Bay are all easily accessible by boat and they're far from the bustle of crowds and tourists.

Gippsland Lakes in Victoria

Gippsland Lakes are the perfect destination for smaller, recreational vessels. Located south-east of Melbourne, Gippsland Lakes are bordered by the beautiful and famous Ninety Mile Beach, Lakes Entrance and Sale. All three are excellent destinations if you're looking to experience all of the beauty that Australia has to offer.

While you're visiting Gippsland Lakes, be sure to bring along your canoe or kayak. The waters are quite sheltered and calm, so a day out on the water in your kayak is extremely pleasant and inviting.

If you're looking for the ultimate Australian boating adventure, why not travel around the coast in your boat and visit all of the destinations on our list?

Boat Detailing On Lake Macquarie

We said that we weren't going to add Lake Macquarie to the list, but we were fibbing. We definitely want you to come visit our beautiful little lake. While you're here, be sure to bring your boat in for detailing and maintenance. We offer a number of services that will keep your boat in tip-top shape and looking as wondrous as they day you bought her.

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