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TR Marine Services

Boat Detailing And Maintenance Services

Whether you’ve got a ski-boat, a sailboat, or a luxury motor cruiser, your vessel started out as something entirely different - a dream. It was a dream of being out on the open water, of weekends spent setting sail and discovering far-off coastlines, and of freedom that only open ocean offers. Now that your dream has come true, you and your boat have set sail on many adventures and relaxing weekends away. While all the time aboard your boat shows itself only as a deep tan on your skin and your incessant love of boat shoes, these adventures have taken a bigger tole on your boat.

The open ocean is a harsh environment and the salty seas leave a lot of wear and tear on vessels who dare to head our and conquer them. From a dirty exterior, to erosion, mould and surface deterioration, your boat takes a beating while you have the pleasure of lounging on the deck, or hauling in a big barracuda. For all that your boat weathers, it’s time to show her a little love and that is exactly what TR Marine Services is all about.

All of the boat detailing service provided by TR Marine Services are carried out with utmost care and attention to detail. When you entrust your vessel to TR Marine Services’ capable hands, you are entrusting her to the hands of an artisanal craftsman whose primary concern is the love you have for a boat and the dream it once was.

TR Marine Services provides full-service boat detailing services including: interior cleaning, teak rejuvenation, anti-fouling and slippings, washing, and polishing. We also offer ongoing maintenance and servicing packages which can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of you and your boat.

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Interior Cleaning


When it's finally time to get out and enjoy life aboard your boat that last thing you want to worry about is cleaning. Improve your boating experience by letting us take care of your boat's interior detailing, so when you arrive you are greeted by a sparkling clean cabin with nothing to do but load the fridge and cast off for adventure. 

Teak Rejuvenation


Teak is a beautiful timber that just oozes class and tradition. Keep your teak decks and accent pieces on your boat looking amazing with regular treatments. We thoroughly wash down, oil and protectively seal your teak to keep it in perfect condition, or if it has seen better days we can bring it back to glory with a full rejuvination. 

Anti-Fouling And Slippings


Any boat that lives in the water needs an anti-fouling system to keep the hull free of growth and running efficiently. We take care of everything for you when it comes time to bring your boat out for it's annual hull cleaning and anti-fouling.  

Boat Washing


A clean boat is an enjoyable boat. Maintain your boat's showroom shine with a regular washing schedule. That way you get to spend more time with a drink or a rod in hand, rather than a scrubbing brush. We provide tailored washing plans to perfectly suit your needs and keep your boat ready to go at a moments notice. 

Boat Polishing


The water is a beautiful yet harsh environment. When the sun, sea and sand takes it toll on your fibreglass we will bring it back to its full former glory, and with regular waxing and polishing your boat will stay looking as fantastic as the day it rolled out of the factory. 

Ongoing Maintenance And Servicing


Maintenance is key to keeping everything running smoothly and enjoying a stress free time on the water. We help you keep everything ship-shape below decks with regular engine, generator and thruster checks, and advice on servicing and repairs. 


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