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TR Marine Services

Ongoing Maintenance And Services

The journeys your boat takes you on, the destinations the two of you have visited and the vistas you both have experienced, make up the unique story of you and your boat. The uniqueness of your story means that, when it comes to servicing and maintaining your vessel, the ongoing maintenance required will be unlike what is needed for other boats. To better meet the needs of our customers and their boats, TR Marine Services offers customisable, ongoing maintenance programs which can be tailored to the individual needs of each boat owner and their boat.

We provide a breadth of service programs that go far beyond just cleaning. Our ongoing maintenance programs can be scheduled at regular intervals and well in advance to ensure that your vessel is ready for time out on the lake when you are. Planning a weekend yachting across Lake Macquarie? Contact TR Marine Services in advance to schedule general maintenance and upkeep so you can be sure your boat won’t let you down when it comes to your big weekend away.

Our ongoing maintenance services include all of TR Marine services’ regular cleaning services as well as engine and generator checks, battery checks, thruster operation inspections and more. 

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